DoNt count me out JESS yet!

Imagine me talking in my business vc:

On November 22, 2018 I gave birth to my business. I call her “Green Rabbit Realty LLC”

Green- family name

Rabbit- Mothers Nickname

Realty- real estate investment

LLC- official 🙂


In October 2018, I purchased my mother’s house. The house I grew up in for 10 years of life. Four years before the purchased the house I lost my mother to colon cancer. If her house was sold after she pasted I would have not grief with that. However, he house was left abandoned, unkept and later went into foreclosure. I cried and prayed so much to find peace with not being able to get her house back. But long story short, I was given the knowledge on how to pursue the home and I did. It was the best accomplishment of my life. So stay tune for updates on the flip and more flips and investments to come. pbqzvw3qsswyrovgbqmu7q

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