Jess want to say…”I quit”

PLEASE NOTE: I have NEVER quit anything in my LIFE! So, I’m still sensitive about this shit…….

January 2, 2019, I made the decision to resign from my teaching job overseas. The decision haunted me to days. Well, actually weeks. Teaching in Doha inspired me. Although I only spent 5 months there, I learned so much about my role as a teacher. I have taught kindergarten for 7 years and I grew levels on levels in terms of professionalism and purpose. Teaching is such a fulling career. I must admit that it is a difficult job but in the same energy it gives you a sense of satisfaction.  I love teaching.

However, my job in Doha took me away from my children and my husband. Everyday I felt like I was choosing. Choosing this job, this experience, this paycheck over my children and it sickened me. My family needed me and I needed them. Not until I was separated from my family did I realize that they are home. Home makes the heart happy and wherever they are, is where I need to be. I pray that an opportunity like this arises for us again but in a form where we are all together. My job in Doha asked me to contact them via email if I ever want to return so that made me happy. I know I am a great teacher with a lot to offer but FAMILY FIRST.




In that order!!!

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