Jess a few things…

So Jess a few things…

  1. School days are Sunday to Thursday ( So hard for me!)
  2. Fridays are like Sundays for church/mosque
  3. There are NO liquor stores here! Now that I have a RP I can apply for a liquor license but the process is ugh
  4. All of the Qatari families have nannies and drivers
  5. Just incase you didn’t know, this is the RICHEST country
  6. The most represented culture here is Indians from India then Filipinos
  7. If you go to the gas station, you will NEVER pump your own gas
  8. In shallah – hopefully, soon, in time, God willing
  9.  driving here is like grand theft auto
  10. Yalla- stop
  11.  Haram- forbidden by Islamic law
  12. As a women it is haram for a Qatari male to shake hands with me( I learned this the hard way)

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